One of a great feature of The Grid Plugin is the ability to filter/sort the grid.
You have the possibility to use any custom taxonomy like category, tag, format to build one or several filter areas for your grids.
The available taxonomy terms (filters) will depend of the selected post type.

To build you filter areas, you simply need to drag and drop the desired terms in the filter area.

If you want to add several filter area you can create unlimited number of areas thanks to the button "add filter".

You have some options inside each filter area to arrange/order terms, to display the number of filter and choose the text displayed for this filter (all button, dorpdown sentence,...).
The filter areas you created are available under the grid layout tab. You can drag & drop these filter areas everywhere you want in the available layout area.

Because you have the possibility to generate several filter areas, you have an option to create combination filter.
By combination, we mean that you can activate different filters at the same times to filter the grid.
There are two different combinations possible:

  1. AND Logic (e.g. :active filters t-shirts & red color => will display only red t-shirts)
  2. OR Logic (e.g. :active filters t-shirts & pants color => will display all t-shirts and all pants)

N.B. : On the front end, if element inside the grid doesn't have any terms corresponding to the filter areas, then these area will not appear. 
The terms inside filter areas are also update in real time when appending new items. So if you append new element in the grid the number of filter will be updated and new filters can also appear if there wasn't present before.

Sorting - In this section you can customize the drop down sorter.
You can select several items you want to sort with and also choose the text to display in the drop down filter.

You also have the possibility to filter the grid onload by a selected value/term and to choose the order (ASC/DESC)

Add custom filter : You can add custom sorters from any custom meta data.
In the Global settings admin panel, you have the possibility to add unlimited number of custom meta data keys un the tad Meta Data. Once you added some custom meta dat key, this meta data will be available in the filter dropdown list.

N.B. : The dropdown sorter list will also be available in the Layout tab