The theme comes with a number of shortcodes allowing you to add the info where you want the relevant content to show up. In addition, you can use Visual Composer to add new elements to the page in a simple way. More information on how to use Visual Composer properly can be found here:

Below is a list of the shortcodes included into the theme:

Info block shortcode


  • Info block style - chose between 5 styles 
  • Number - chose a number which will dispaying on shortcode 
  • Background  image for  number  - chose  background  image for  number
  • Title -  title  of shortcode  
  • Heading - chose betwen h1 h2 h3 h4... 
  • Background text - chose text for background   
  • Text - add text in this field
  • Background video - click enable if you want to add video 
  • Video service - chose between Youtube and Vimeo  
  • Images - add images 
  • Extra class name - add if you want add aditional class 

Contacts shortcode 


  • Style - the contact type. It can take the following values: style 1, style 2, style 3, style 4
  • Text - a short text description should be added
  • Address - add your address
  • Contact form - add your form id from shortcode Contact Form 7 Plugin 
  • Button style for form - chose button style 

Image banner shortcode


  • Style Banner - the banner type. It can take one of the following values: default, center content, right/left content
  • Height banner - click yes to enable custom height
  • Enable animation - click yes to enable top animation 
  • Style of animation - chose style for animation 
  • Align text - clhose position of tex 
  • Title - the banner title 
  • Subtitle - the banner subtitle
  • Background image - chose background image 
  • Show overlay - click yes if you want to enable overlay  



  • Style - the custom text style. It can take one of the following values: style, 1 style 2, style 3, ...
  • Title - the custom text block title
  • Title color -  the custom title color
  • Subtitle - the custom text block subtitle 
  • Subtitle color - the custom tcolor of subtitle
  • Add animation  - click enable if you want turn on animation 

Services shortcode


  • Style - It can take one of the following values: default, classic, simple and others 
  • Items - there are a list of items which you want to add each of those have next parameters: 
  • Icon - chose icon 
  • Title - select title  
  • Text - a short text description
  • Button  - select button URL 

Team shortcode