Theme Options

After installation and activation it is time to set up your website. First thing you will notice is the ‘Theme Options’. This section contains all of the custom AWA Theme options (see image bellow). The default options set in the panel are similar to those in the ThemeForest preview. 

Notice: Before leaving the ‘Theme Options’ tab make sure to click the ‘Save changes’ button at the top of the panel, otherwise your changes will be lost.


  • Enable scroll top button - click on to add top button
  • Show sidebar on pages - click on to add sidebar
  • Protected title - add title for protected page 
  • Enable lazy load - click on to add lazy load option on pages
  • Enable Coming Soon - click on to anable coming soon 
  • Enable Copyright - copyright text can be changed here
  • Disable preloader - enable/disable preloader on pages
  • Type of preloader - select preloader type: text with animation background or image
  • Text for preloader - the preloader text (will be displayed while page is uploaded)
  • Preloader size desktop - the preloader text on desctop 
  • Preloader size mobile - the preloader size on mobile 
  • Preloader size tablet - the preloader size on tablet 
  • Background animation images for preloader - add images


  • Menu style - choose menu type. It can take one of the following values: classic, modern, aside
  • Type of site logo - select image or text logotype
  • Site logo on scroll - upload any media using the WordPress Native Uploader.
  • Image logo style -  select the style for image style. It can take one of the following values: default, custom
  • Site logo width -  select custom width for logo
  • Site Logo height  -  select custom height for logo
  • Header social links - add social links


In this section typography of menu items, heading, buttons as well as links on all pages can be changed:


  • Instagram username -  add username of Instagram account
  • Instagram count images -  add number of images.Minimum 21. You can see 20 photos in two rows, other photos will be replaced
  • Instagram access token - add  Instagram access token credentials